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Triplet Cesarean Birth Story

Triplet Cesarean Birth Video


Apr 2016


In honor of Cesarean Awareness Month, we will be sharing Cesarean and VBAC birth stories. Hannah Birchman shared with us her cesarean birth with her triplets! If you are friends with Hannah, you have probably seen the adorable adventures of her triplets as they grow. Hannah always strives to keep it real, which I admire. She made this video on the eve of their first birthday. Here is what she had to say about their birth and this video:


“I was, am, and always will be thankful. Always. I have yet to meet a mother who was not thankful for her child(ren).”


“It is not everyday you get to give birth to your child. It is not ordinary. So in those special moments that a mom can meet her child for the first time ever only SHE can really be the judge of what is a silly request. It may be insignificant to everyone. But if it matters to the mom then it matters.”


“Our experiences don’t occur in a vacuum. They stay with us, sometimes haunt us, for good or bad they shape us.”


We would like to thank Hannah for sharing her beautiful story!

Would you like to share your birth story? We would love to share it! Send it to blog@safechildbirthla.com.

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