Louisiana Constituents for Safe Childbirth


Maryellen Yates


LCSC President Profile Picture

Through Maryellen’s pregnancy and birth experiences, she realized  the importance of education, support, and utilizing local resources. She has been a pediatric nurse since 2007, but switched gears after her son’s birth. She is now a doula, childbirth instructor, parenting educator, and breastfeeding mom. She is active in La Leche League, Natural Birth, Postpartum, and LCSC community groups. Maryellen believes that women need more birth options in Louisiana, to make the best decisions for their families. She looks forward to working with consumers, birth workers, and anyone else ready to make a difference!




Stephanie Trosclair


LCSC Vice President Profile Picture

Wife and mother of two daughters, Stephanie became passionate about better birth options for women during her first pregnancy. After learning of the state of maternity care in Louisiana, she became a doula to help women explore their options and achieve their desired birth. It is her hope that women will actively seek better options for their maternity care and thus change the birth statistics in the state.






Meghan MacInnis


LCSC Secretary Profile Picture
Meghan is a wife and homeschooling mother of one spunky little girl. She is a La Leche League Leader, a baby wearing, cloth diaper using, and all those other crunchy things in between. She is also passionate about changing the birth culture in Louisiana, not just for herself and her friends, but for her daughter and nieces.







Jennifer Ete


LCSC Treasurer Profile Picture
Jennifer is a wife and homeschooling mother of four. She is also a student midwife and working toward opening a private practice in Livingston Parish. She feels that women intuitively know what’s best for themselves and their babies and should be free to make an educated choice of where to birth their children. She is grateful for hospitals, when they are necessary, however, she is working to expand the out-of-hospital options and education for those who prefer an alternate route.